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himdc5lydj74 In day of SpayDay on February 23, 2016 in veterinary clinics participants of the action will pass a surgical marathon: each owner of an animal or the volunteer with a stray animal will be able to use services of the qualified team of doctors and to castrate an animal at low price. And also the art exhibitions will be opened which propagandizing civilized approach to a problem of regulation of number of stray animals .

Operation cost:

- female cat of 1200 rub;

- male cat of 700 rub;

- 30% of the price-list for a dog.

Preliminary signing up in clinic is necessary. The list of veterinary clinics-participants of Spay Day is created taking into account experience of clinic with neglected animals, its reputation, opportunity to place animals in a hospital and desires of doctors to participate in a voluntary action.

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SPAY DAY in the discussions at the press conference in TASS

February 12, Friday, the press conference in TASS was held, dedicated by sterilization of domestic and stray animals - World Spay Day 2016.

The conference theme was the disclosure of the problem of reducing the population of stray dogs and cats. The conference was held in teleconference format from Novosibirsk.

New information partner - MAKSIMUS printing house

The MAKSIMUS printing house became the new information partner of the World Spay Day in Russia.

The Maksimus printing house works at the market of printing services since 2001 and offer services in production of a wide range of printing products. The company carries out the main standard types of promotional printing products (to exhibitions, seminars, presentations, anniversaries, etc.)

The partner, who will help bring a pet to the clinic and back

Join now! joins the International Action SpayDay!

23 February 2016, all participants will receive a discount of 50% on any trip to / from clinic participants. Just 50% discount on the trip from the hospital, on any other day, if an animal is left in the post-operative care.

The discount is granted subject to appointment.
Pre-registration ends at 19:00 on February 22 2016.

Linteks company supported the World Spay Day!

We thank our partners for support!
Linteks company provided veterinary clinics-participants with materials today.